Semeq: Predicting the Future of Predictive Maintenance

Semeq: Predicting the Future of Predictive Maintenance

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Andy Rodes, CMRP VP Business Development, SemeqAndy Rodes, CMRP VP Business Development
In this fiercely competitive scenario, manufacturers can no longer afford any unforeseen failures that directly affect their return on investments. Unexpected failures result in unplanned downtime, which today affects almost 82 percent of all businesses worldwide. According to a survey conducted by Vanson Bourne, the majority of leading manufacturers have experienced at least one unplanned downtime/outage in the last three years, each more costly than the last. This presents operational and safety-related risks, and a direct blow to the company’s bottom line, causing unexpected delay and substantial financial loss.

The hard reality then is that in a manufacturing environment—where machines perform repetitive tasks— components are ultimately prone to wear and tear, which can lead to abrupt breakdowns. Now supposing, that there was some way to predict such faults before the problem becomes severe, such a solution can be a savior to the manufacturer. Semeq is that answer.

The company has brought its 25 years of expertise in the space of reliability and condition monitoring to offer high-quality predictive maintenance, enabling manufacturers to lower maintenance costs, extend equipment life, reduce unplanned downtime and improve production quality by addressing problems before any equipment failure. Semeq also specializes in vibration analysis and thermography, i.e. the most common methods suited for predictive maintenance, which can play an even bigger role in the pursuit of reduced downtime. They offer both, Vibration analysis, which is one of the most complete condition monitoring techniques in the market for detecting mechanical failures, and thermography for visualizing potential faults in electrical circuits using advanced infrared cameras.

We provide more than just a report on your desk

Beyond such cutting edge technology, Andy Rodes, CMRP, and Vice President Business Development at Semeq states that the ultimate driving force behind Semeq’s conception has always been to augment the reliability of machines, to help decrease unplanned downtime for the industries they cater to. Over the years, adding on to the technology used, Semeq has adopted methods like oil analysis, motor circuit analysis, ultrasound and thermography to monitor the health of the equipment. The company established its R&D unit with a proprietary vibration data collector in support of a remote centralized analysis concept, the first of its kind when started back in 2000.

“We provide more than just a report on your desk,” says Rodes. The company through its distinctive business model goes beyond just a traditional presentation of a simple diagnosis report. Instead, the company presents a comprehensive description integrating asset condition management techniques, to enhance the customer’s experience of predictive maintenance. Semeq also provides actionable information in addition to sensor-based data for the machinery— information backed by the technical account manager. This is something unique in this space as customers can actually talk to experts dealing with data and image analysis at the center.

“We are more than just a wireless vibration sensor company; we offer full reliability solutions,” states Andy. With a vision of providing excellent service, Semeq is continuously coming up with new devices and software platforms, constantly upgrading their existing systems in the wake of their new developments. The company aims to make their operational process completely transparent to the point that the customer is able to see their device’s data, all presented to them through a user-friendly interface, enabling its customers to integrate Semeq software into their system. The company is also trying to incorporate plug and play techniques into their existing systems such that if any new sensor is added, the data would be just a click away. Talking about their current expansion plans, Semeq has already established its roots in Europe, South America, North America, and Asia, and is well on their way to mark its presence in other geographical locations around the globe. Semeq is not only technology-driven but also believes and appreciates that human resources are inevitable, holding the highest of priorities in every organization.

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Andy Rodes, CMRP VP Business Development

Through the use of a unique process, based on a team of asset management inspectors and experts spread throughout more than fifty different cities around the world, Semeq provides a business model that has no match in the market. Semeq is supported by a center of data and image analysis where the best industrial equipment monitoring specialists gather to use measuring instruments and software especially developed to meet your needs. They are able to monitor your plant, regardless of its location, with the same quality, speed, and low costs; especially those costs related to the displacement of teams