Top 10 Smart Factory Solution Companies - 2019
Fideltronik: The Smart Factory For High-Mix, Low-Volume Manufacturing

Top 10 Smart Factory Solution Companies - 2019

Automation is not a new term in the manufacturing realm. Smart technologies like artificial intelligence, machine learning, data analytics have begun to revolutionize industries as experts realize the enormous potential these innovations have to offer. Implementing digital technologies to transform factory operations has become imperative for every organization be it automotive or the high tech manufacturing enterprises. It is predicted that factories of the future will be built around a fully intelligent and connected system which will be beyond traditional automation. Driven by the constant stream of data from business, operations, and production applications, these smart systems derive the ability to learn and adapt to the new and changing demands of the industry.

In supply chains, the strategic deployment of technologies such as the internet of things (IoT) will improve asset utilization, customer service, capital deployment, reduction of wastes and sustainability in organizations. Real-time communication between the machines, factories, logistics, and supplies providers through smart connectivity provides better visibility on the end-to-end supply chain processes. With IoT, organizations can address compliance, regulatory and quality reporting requirements along with tracking shipped products for warranty, returns, and predictive maintenance support. The recently emerging 3D printers which are getting cheaper, faster and more accurate with a greater ability to work with a broad range of materials are increasingly being used to make the final products and not just prototypes, reducing the manufacturing costs.

Using a mix of technology, data science algorithms, and analytical tools, organizations are shaping the market demands and aligning with customer requirements. The current trend of big data and other technological advancements are providing a way to integrate the information from sales, marketing, customer actions, product reviews, competition, and supply status in real-time, making demand-driven supply chains a reality. AI will also play a key role in helping manufacturers predict demand patterns and allocate resources more accurately.

Cognitive technologies such as augmented reality and virtual reality are bridging the skills gap and transforming the way the evolving workforce is being trained for improved performances. As a new wave of factory automation is underway, robots are entering the industrial environments and increasing value adds for the manufacturers. These robots are cheaper, mobile, flexible and are transforming the factory’s workflow by working alongside human beings. By placing these automated, intelligent applications or robots in the hands of enterprise workers who have access to unlimited connectivity, manufacturers obtain a collaborative workforce that can boost efficiency levels and initiate effective decision making.

To sum it all, it is essential for manufacturers to step up the automation game in their factories to remain competitive and meet the demands for manufactured goods from established and emerging markets.  The latest edition of Manufacturing Technology Insights magazine features some of the best technology solution providers in the manufacturing landscape put together by our distinguished panel of CIOs, CEOs, VCs, and analysts and our editorial board. This list will give you an outlook on the solutions and capabilities that they have to offer.

We present to you, “Top 10 Smart Factory Solution Providers-2019.”

    Top smart factory solution companies

  • Fideltronik is the biggest Polish EMS provider of end-to-end solutions for engineering and manufacturing leaders worldwide, ranging from innovative design and rapid prototyping up to volume manufacturing and after-market services. They care about their customers’ success and effectively support their product competitiveness by reducing production costs and speeding up time-to-market. This is achievable for Smart Factory where their combined advanced technology with Artificial Intelligence and Industrial Analytics to create an innovative ecosystem for highly demanding projects, even in a high-mix, low-volume model

  • Through the use of a unique process, based on a team of asset management inspectors and experts spread throughout more than fifty different cities around the world, Semeq provides a business model that has no match in the market. Semeq is supported by a center of data and image analysis where the best industrial equipment monitoring specialists gather to use measuring instruments and software especially developed to meet your needs. They are able to monitor your plant, regardless of its location, with the same quality, speed, and low costs; especially those costs related to the displacement of teams

  • SMARTECH provides smart, game-changing technological solutions for the manufacturing sector. The manufacturing sector's competitive landscape is characterized by high volume and low-profit margins. SMARTECH innovative technology solutions enable large producers to increase their profit margins and provide a better quality of product. The company is set on providing the manufacturing sector with technological solutions that make the “impossible possible.” Technological challenges that are considered impossible, become possible, through a proven and unique methodology of innovation with demonstrated success. Successfully integrated in large manufacturing facilities worldwide, SMARTECH solutions are changing the way manufacturing sectors work

  • WorkClout Advanced Production Scheduling and MES software is the new, smarter way for manufacturers to bring people, machines, and processes together—without the complexity. WorkClout was built by former manufacturing & technology leaders and is on an ambitious mission to get manufacturer's operations to "100% OEE" with connected software. The platform helps track job progression and take action using Workflows, get a real-time pulse of your factory using our Advanced Production Schedule, see reports, get insights, take action, and get real-time floor reporting using the Operator Portal

  • Bosch Rexroth Ag

    Bosch Rexroth Ag

    The Bosch Group is a strong partner in mobile hydraulics. Using electrified, electronic and digitally networked solutions, Rexroth is helping companies create the next generation of mobile machines – harvesting machines that perform precision farming, powerful construction machines that automatically excavate or level, and handling equipment with emission-free electric drives. Rexroth's performance gives the firms an access to increased power, safety, efficiency and intelligence for your mobile machines - in short they meet the challenges of the 21st century

  • DXC Technology

    DXC Technology

    DXC Technology is an IT services company, which deals with health care, information technology, insurance, life sciences, and manufacturing. The firm leads digital transformations for clients by managing and modernizing mission-critical systems, integrating them with new digital solutions to produce better business outcomes. DXC Technology has established a partnership with Amazon Web Services, ServiceNow, AT&T, Google Cloud, Dell EMC, HCL, HP, HPE, IBM, Micro Focus, Microsoft, Oracle, PwC, SAP, and VMware. The bunch of business services includes DXC bionix, security, and internet of things, cloud and platform services, business process services, application services, consulting, and others

  • Honeywell


    Founded in 1906, the company offers energy efficiency benefits across four industry sectors: transportation, commercial buildings, industrial, and residential. It provides security and control technologies for industrial, defense, and residential purposes. Honeywell Process Solutions (HPS) deals with aerospace, electronics, information technology, innovation management, manufacturing, market research, service industry, software. The company offers many products such as advanced software, control, monitoring and safety systems, wireless, gas measurement & regulation, energy & emissions management, marine, instrumentation, secure media exchange (SMX), etc. Honeywell also offers Engineering Studies that help users align operational and business objectives with project objectives to improve the return on investment through the facility’s lifecycle

  • Parsable


    Parsable sets out to transform the daily lives of deskless workers by providing an easy-to-use, easy-todeploy, mobile first platform to digitally organize work, foster real-time collaboration, and provide analytics to drive continuous improvement in industrial environments. They call this the Mobile Collaboration & Workflow (MCW) platform. The company believes that the technology industry has long ignored industrial workers and hence wants to help the global industrial workforce make giant strides in quality, safety, and productivity by breaking down work into its component parts

  • Rockwell Automation

    Rockwell Automation

    Headquartered in Milwaukee, WI, Rockwell Automation is a public company dedicated to industrial automation, makes its customers more productive and the world more sustainable. The company deals with hardware, industrial automation, sales automation, and software. They offer products like drive systems, distributed control system, human-machine interface, manufacturing execution system, motor control centers, industrial sensors, industrial control products, design & operations software, safety instrumented systems, safety components and many more. Their solutions meet the needs of several industries which include chemical, fiber & textile, entertainment, automotive & tire, infrastructure, food & beverage, marine, mining, etc

  • SICK


    Founded in 1946, the company is one of the world’s best producers of sensors and sensor solutions for industrial applications. SICK is capable of solving automation tasks intelligently and reliably for industries such as factory automation, process automation, and logistics automation. All the products including photoelectric sensors, smart sensors, proximity sensors, fluid sensors, distance sensors, vision sensors, encoders, scanners, and optoelectronic protective devices offer unparalleled performance and higher productivity, no matter how complex the issues. SICK software is more comfortable to program, install, commission, and teach, and also control solution configuration and process sequence optimization