Top 10 Smart Factory Solution Companies - 2021
Business Engineering America (BENG): Digitalizing the Shopfloor With Kaizenbased It and IoT

Top 10 Smart Factory Solution Companies - 2021

In the manufacturing world, automation is no longer a new concept. The industrial sector has been transformed by artificial intelligence and other smart technologies. To compete in the market, every business, whether in the automotive or high-tech manufacturing industries, must use digital technology to revolutionize factory processes. Future factories are expected to be built around a completely intelligent and networked system that goes beyond standard automation. These smart-systems are driven by a steady supply of data from business operations and production applications, which allow them to learn and adapt to the industry’s new and changing demands.

Through smart connection, real-time communication between machines, factories, logistics, and supplier providers enables enhanced visibility into the end-to-end supply chain activities. Organizations may use IoT to handle compliance, regulatory, and quality reporting requirements, as well as warranty, returns, and predictive maintenance assistance for shipping products. Recent developing 3D printers are increasingly being utilized to make the final product cost-friendly. They are becoming cheaper, quicker, and more precise, with a greater capacity to deal with a wider choice of materials. So it’s critical that manufacturing must step up its automation game in order to remain competitive and fulfil the demand for produced goods established in established and new markets.

To help organizations select the best Smart Factory Solution Providers, we present to you Manufacturing Technology Insights’ “Top 10 Smart Factory Solution Providers - 2021.”

    Top Smart Factory Solution Companies

  • Business Engineering America (BENG), a leading global IT and IoT solution provider, is well-equipped to addresses this need. The company digitalizes shop-floor operations with Kaizen-based IT and IoT solutions, which boosts factory productivity significantly. The Kaizen-based approach to IoT implementations, inspired by the major players in the manufacturing industry such as Toyota, allows the company to focus on continuous improvement by measuring hidden factors in the shop floor. By bringing unmesurable factors that have long existed in the analog era to light, the company helps manufacturers stay a step ahead of the dSigital game. In essence, BENG provides its clients the technology to measure the key performance indicators that were previously kept unmeasured.

  • Digital Display Systems offers smart digital display and network clock systems providing real-time visibility into equipment status, manufacturing lines, and production processes. The Digital Display Smart Efficiency System (DDSES), DDS’ IoT manufacturing improvement system, integrates with manufacturers’ equipment, manufacturing line, and production stations to provide real-time visibility across shop floors. Deployable with a 15-minute implementation time either as a stand-alone or as part of a modular system, DDSES bestows organizations with the ability to view operations, processes, and equipment status remotely, display production information to their employees locally, and download data for performance analysis

  • Engineering USA

    Engineering USA

    Engineering USA is a part of Industries excellence Global. With a focus on the manufacturing and transportation sectors, Industries excellence is the global division of Engineering Group specialized in the design, development, integration, and delivery of holistic technology solutions covering the end-to-end lifecycle of all industrial products and processes

  • Falco Automation

    Falco Automation

    Specializing in industrial automation services, Californiabased Falco Automation has swiftly become a best-in-class automation solution provider for clients across a number of manufacturing sectors. Through the implementation of cutting-edge robotics and highly skilled specialists to support these systems, Falco continues to meet the ever-increasing need among manufacturers to apply industrial automation technologies into their manufacturing processes. Falco has risen to the top in the industrial automation space not only because of the company’s ability to develop superior solutions that vastly improve manufacturing efficiencies but its machines are specifically built and programmed to handle the unique needs of each client.



    Oxys Corporation is a cutting edge IIoT company using domain-specific AI to solve industrial and environmental challenges. They develop hardware, software and algorithms that monitor, measure and predict conditions for energy, structural, agricultural and medical applications. Their engineered solutions focus on common sense approaches to machine learning, algorithm development and hardware and software products. And are driven by a passion to develop and push domain intelligence to "the edge". Oxys strengths are threefold: - RUGGED, ADAPTABLE HARDWARE. Open, reconfigurable hardware architecture that adapts to a wide range of customer needs and applications; - OPEN SOURCE SOFTWARE TOOLS. The company fully leverage open source software tools while still creating proprietary content for customers, thereby reducing software development time and cost;- EDGE COMPUTING ALGORITHMS.

  • LeewayHertz


    LeewayHertz is one of the first few companies to build and launch a commercial app on Apple's App Store. The team of certified designers and developers has designed and developed more than 100 digital platforms on Mobile, Cloud, AI, IoT and Blockchain. The company help developed digital solutions for Fortune 500 companies and startups to ease their business functions with the latest technologies. Some of their reputed clients include ESPN, NASCAR, Hershey's, McKinsey, P&G, Siemens, 3M, Pearson and more. Being an award-winning software development company, they have also proven expertise in blockchain development and worked on more than 20+ blockchain projects.

  • MasterControl


    Mastercontrol help bring life-changing innovations people with the help of cloud-based Product Lifecycle Excellence platform. More than 1000 of the world’s most innovative and highly regulated companies use it to improve quality and stay in compliance at every step of their product journey – from concept to commercialization. One can digitize, automate and accelerate quality processes to build a culture of quality throughout your organization. Increase visibility and ensure compliance throughout supply chain. And help manufacturing teams eliminate the tradeoffs between line performance and product quality. Once product is out in the market they give the ability to manage in-market complaints and close the quality loop.

  • Plataine


    Plataine is the leading provider of Industrial IoT and AI-based optimization solutions for advanced manufacturing. Plataine’s intelligent, connected Digital Assistants take manufacturing to the next level by automating and optimizing decision flows on the production floor. Combining state-of-the-art AI with extensive manufacturing knowledge, Plataine’s cloud-based solutions continually assess current status and predict future events on the production floor, to provide actionable insights, alerts and recommendations, empowering production management and staff to make optimized decisions in real-time, every time. Plataine enables global manufacturers to drive digital transformation and further increase the business value they generate from our offerings.

  • SL Controls

    SL Controls

    Established in 2002, SL Controls has grown into an international business with offices in Sligo, Dublin, Galway, Limerick and Birmingham. SL Controls is a world leader in the provision of ‘Manufacturing Equipment Systems Integration and Systems Support,’ assisting our customers achieve their Six Sigma and Overall Equipment Effectiveness targets. Put simply, this involves a critical assessment of how businesses, which are involved in all types of manufacturing, put together their product lines for mass production. SL Controls partner with our customers on new or existing manufacturing systems and strive to increase the Overall Equipment Effectiveness by addressing the critical steps at the Design, Integration, Validation, Operation and Maintenances phases of a project .

  • Vertech


    Vertech is an industrial control systems integration firm providing a complete range of engineering and technical services. The company work with system owners, engineering firms, contractors, and OEMs to design and build world class industrial control systems. All of their systems use readily available industrial control hardware and software from brand name industry leaders such as Siemens, Inductive Automation, Rockwell Automation (Allen-Bradley), Invensys (Wonderware), Schneider Electric (Modicon), Phoenix Contact, and others. Their highly talented engineers, programmers, and technicians are specially trained and experienced in analyzing how various industrial equipment and systems work, and then they use a combination of electrical equipment and software to give that equipment life.